Tips to Keep Your Nails in Tip Top Shape

Tips to Keep Your Nails in Tip Top Shape

Tips to Keep Your Nails in Tip-Top Shape
As ladies, we are bound to be judged heavily by those around us and those close to us on our state of beauty. It is cliché and although most people consider it to be sexist and outrageous but this is just how things are and that is not about to change any time soon. Besides, women already own the inborn instinct of cleanliness, beauty and charm. One of the main components of a woman’s beauty is her hands, and even more precisely, her nails. In every dealing, action, movement and even gesture, the hands are visible and prominent and hence so are the nails. This is precisely why we, as ladies, need to take the very best care of them.

The health of your nails is one of the key steps towards beautiful nails. In order to care for them and ensure their tip top shape, the basic necessity of them to be healthy is required. Being healthy in nail-language signifies the shine, flexibility and smoothness of the nail. Unhealthy nails are brittle and crack when knocked against things (as it often happens in our daily life). So what is it that you need to keep your nails healthy? 

Trimming your nails is extremely necessary. Any tiny chips or breaks at the end of your nails are bound to grow if not taken care of immediately. Keeping them even and free of any unhealthy breaks will improve the health of your nails within weeks. Plus, as there are two types of nail cutting equipment, namely the nail scissors and the nail clippers, it is often recommended for you to use the nail scissors as the clippers may damage your nails more.

Oiling is a renowned remedy which has been in use since the start of time. Not only for nails, but for the nourishment and enriching of many body parts such as hair, hands and feet, oiling your nails will keep them strong, flexible and shiny. Cuticle oil is of course the recommended product, but you could also use natural olive and coconut oil. Aside from that, make sure to use hand products such as petroleum jelly and even mineral oil at other times. These will work just as fine.

Proper food consumption
This greatly overlooked factor is a guaranteed method to keep your nails healthy. Basically the intake of Vitamin A and Calcium is the most necessary in keeping one’s nails (and hair) in perfect health. These can be found in apricots, cheese, almonds and carrots. Plus, you need to intake plenty of natural juices and water to keep your nails hydrated.
With your nails in optimum health, you can proceed with beautifying them by means of nail art. The basic job is already done!

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