Remove Hair Fall Problem

Remove Hair Fall ProblemTips for Hair Fall Reduce

Tips Never comb the hair while it is wet as this leads to greater chances of hair breakage and fall. Always do this when it be dry or semi-dry before combing.

Tips 2   Never rub your hair vigorously with your towel. Due to this  unwanted hair breakage increases. Use the towel instead to gently soak out excess moisture.

Tips 3   Regularly Clean your combs. 

Tips 4   Best and most widely used solution for hair fall is  Hot oil treatments.

Tips 5   Regularly wash your hair to reduced hair fall twice in a week for remove the dust,  dirt and oil.

Tips 6   Always eat healthy food to prevent and reduced hair fall.

Tips 7   Always drink a clean water.

Tips 8   Consult to exert before apply a new hair style sometimes it may be cause of hair fall.

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