Maintain Fitness In Pregnancy

Maintain Fitness In PregnancyFitness In Pregnancy

Tips   1  The following exercise is best during pregnancy.
      A.    Get your heart pumping.
      B.      keep you supple.
      C.      manage weight gain.
      D.      prepare your muscles for the work of  labour and birth.
      E.       do not cause undue physical stress for you or your baby.

Tips   2          The following exercise is not good for your health during pregnancy.
A. Chest, leg joint or tummy pain. 
B. Dizziness or faintness.
C. Shortness of breath.
D. vaginal bleeding.
E. Difficulty walking.

Tips  3    Never do any exercise too much it may be harmful.

Tips  4     Yoga exercise is more usefull.  Yoga stretches and exercises gently improve your muscle tone, flexibility and stamina without straining the joints.

Tips   5       Follow the usual precautions. such as drinking lots of water before, during, and after your run. Dehydration can decrease blood flow to the uterus and may even cause premature contractions.

Tips   6   You Avoid exercise during  pregnancy  if you have
A.   If you have a very high blood pressure.
B.   If your water have borken early,otherwise known as Premature Rupture of the Membranes.
C.   If you have an incompetent cervix.
D.   If you have persistent second or third trimester vaginal bleeding.
        E.  If you have heart disease.

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