Get Natural Look

Get Natural Look

Get Natural Look

 1.    There is nothing more beautiful - The most efficient way is eating a balanced  diet and also get plenty of exercise. Start by walking with friends, taking up dancing or start to jog around the block every day.

 2.     Get plenty of sleep, this will help you resist putting on make up, because you won't have dark circles under your eyes.

 3.     This is important as it keeps your skin hydrated, and also helps to prevent spots. As well as this, being well hydrated will keep your hair well hydrated, meaning your hair should be less brittle and more shiny and healthy.

 4.     Eat foods rich in silicon, like leafy green vegetables, for healthy nails.

 5.     Detox with a juice made of carrot, beetroot, celery and apple.

 6.     Feed your soul and put the shine back in your eyes by taking five minutes out every day to do something you love.

 7.     Wash hair with raw eggs or rinse with beer after shampooing and conditioning, for extra shine. 

 8.     Refresh puffy or tired eyes with slices of cucumber.

  9.    Keep your nails looking neat. The main way to keep them healthy is through a good diet with plenty of calcium and milk. 

 10.   When styling your hair, try and work with your natural hair. Its obvious when hair is straightened or curled, and if you are trying to look natural then you need to find things which go with the natural wave of your hair.

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