Top 10 Exercises While WorkingTop 10 Exercises While Working
10 Exercises While WorkingEasing stress while you work is essential to keep your mind fresh and body active. If you work in your office incessantly from morning till evening then you can exploit the lunch hours and do the following exercises to get back the vigor of your body and avoid any un...
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Guidance For PeriodsGuidance For Periods
Guidance For Periods Tips 1  You can get pregnant if you do sex during periods so use condoms.Tips 2   If your periods are not regular then not need to worried and consult to doctor.Tip  3    If Menstrual periods occu...
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Maintain Fitness In PregnancyMaintain Fitness In Pregnancy
Fitness In PregnancyTips   1  The following exercise is best during pregnancy.      A.    Get your heart pumping.      B.      keep you supple.      C.     ...
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Stop Chain Smoking TipsStop Chain Smoking Tips
Avoid Chain SmokingTip  1   Make a deal with good friends to quit. You may find that they want to quit as well.Tips   2    Smokers often hate other people quitting, so be prepared for a few put-downs. It is a good idea to have something re...
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Get Perfect Fitness Get Perfect Fitness
Get Perfect Fitness  1.  Get at least half an hour of exercise, around five times a week. 2.   Eating a higher amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the day. 3.   Avoid junk foods as far as possible, as it only contains ca...
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